Fire Burn Me Clean

Thought forms improv free to download you filthy animals!

Live recording of an improvised set at The Croft in Bristol on 20th April 2010, supporting Master Musicians Of Bukkake.

The adventure of Pete and Pete

The adventure of Pete and Pete is one of my favorite nickelodeon shows ever... If you have never seen an episode I recommend you watch one!

Where else would you see Iggy pop and LL cool J on the same screen : )

A good film to watch!

I watched this film recently and I found it funny and heart warming.


I like spring/summer, when the sun gets up early and hits the sack late!

This season I will enjoy ice cream (chocolate) and outdoor gigs... I don't think thought forms have ever done enough out door shows but I would like us too.

I prefer to play during a sun set on the hottest day of the year.

Mmm cold beer and shants!

Special fingers and Magic tremolo love!

I wanna whip my little friends into shape so I can take a break from sonic waves and start touching on a natural melodic swirl! A band in my hand...

I love this song

Jack Rose R.I.P. (1971-2009) Thank you for the beautiful music!

I was at ATP festival when I found out that Jack Rose passed away, I was woken up by Charlie and she told me... I was totally gutted.

The first time I heard of Jack Rose I was at Terrastock 6 and he blew me away with the most beautiful guitar playing.

Here's a clip of this amazing musician.

One thing I always remember when Charlie and I was traveling around the US is chatting to Jack at Terrastock 7.

He was so kind and generous to explain the finger style techniques but he also gave me his number and said that if we were ever in Philly we were more than welcome to crash around his and Laurie's place, and he would be happy to show me more guitar stuff.

That made me smile to hear such a lovely offer.

Thank you Jack for the inspiration.